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Anoncoin (ANC) is a peer-to-peer digital cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy and anonymity for its users. Created in June 2013, it is the first and only currency to have built-in support for both the I2P darknet and Tor network that conceal the IP address of the user. Anoncoin plans on implementing Zerocoin, which will allow users to make payments anonymously, without revealing their anoncoin public addresses.

Getting started

Download the Anoncoin client and set up your wallet.

Follow the AnoncoinProject and AnoncoinNews twitter feeds.

Download the source code from Gitbub.

Join the Anoncoin forum on

Check out Anoncoin on Reddit.

Talk to developers and community on the #anoncoin IRC channel.





Help Anoncoin by donating ANC or by contributing to one of the open bounties.

web: / anoncoin.i2p / Anoncoin_Wiki (I2P)
bitmessage: BM-NBrHoYixnavS5yTcHs5HBrZCF9QX1P4R
I2P mail: anoncoincontact@mail.i2p
IRC channel: #anoncoin
(I2P: localhost port 6668 / Freenode: port 6667)
clearnet email:,