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Last official release

Download the Anoncoin client

Choose one of the the following options below.

MS Windows

You can choose execute the setup.exe from the extractable zip file to be run from the directory, or just run the included anoncoind daemon if you won't be using the QT graphic user interface.

Mac OS X

This only comes in one flavor. The disk volume (dmg) file contains all the files needed to run Anoncoin in a single package.


Clone the master from the git repository, it contains all the source files needed to compile your own binaries. How to guide is here How_to_build_Anoncoin_from_source. Binaries are in the works for multiple Linux distributions.

Source Code

Obtain the Anoncoin source code by cloning the git repository.

Anonymous download of these files is possible using the Anoncoin I2P git repository.

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