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Is Anoncoin related to the Anonymous collective?

No, Anoncoin is not directly related to the Anonymous collective. Anoncoin can be used by anyone who values privacy and anonymity, including those associated with "Anonymous". Some people involved with Anoncoin might be involved with Anonymous, but even if this were the case, this is irrelevant. The original Anoncoin logo of the headless business man that is usually associated with the Anonymous collective has since been changed in order to distinguish the two entities.

What is the current block reward, and when will it halve?

The current block reward is 2.5 ANC. This is expected to halve to 2.5 ANC around November 2016.

Aren't all internet based peer to peer currencies anonymous?

There is no internet currency that is completely anonymous at this point (June 2015). There are many coins and services that provide increased privacy (using such things as CoinJoin, SharedCoin, DarkSend, other coin mixing services and ring signatures), however, you should not confuse privacy with anonymity. Zerocoin, in contrast, does provide 100% provable anonymity using zero-knowledge proofs.

How do I install I2P

You can download and install it from I2P website.

Do other coins support I2P?

Anoncoin was the first, and is currently the only coin to have built in support for the I2P darknet. The founder of Anoncoin is a member of the I2P development team and is also the lead developer of the Abscond Bundle.

What is the current status of the implementation of Zerocoin?

Anoncoin has finished the selection of the RSA UFOs that will be used in the trustless implementation of Zerocoin. More than 8+ core years were spent factoring RSA UFO candidates, which will lead to both increased security and reduced zerocoin transaction times [1]. Our present focus is on releasing 0.9.6, which will provide increased security of the blockchain. Work on Zerocoin is expected to restart late 2015.

Are there plans to change the scrypt proof of work to something else?

Anoncoin is intending to implement merged mining using two or more different proof-of work algorithms.

Merged-mining, also known as Auxiliary Proof of Work (auxPoW), enables a miner to mine more than one coin at the same time (each with the same proof-of-work algorithm) for no extra cost. Previous examples of auxPOW include Dogecoin merge-mining with Litecoin and Namecoin merge-mining with Bitcoin. By using auxPoW, Anoncoin will benefit from a much larger user base of miners that will help secure the network.

Anoncoin is also planning on implementing a myriad of two or more auxPoW chains. Each chain will use a different proof of work algorithm, and will work similar to the Myriadcoin model. Each chain would contribute 1/N of the Anoncoin blocks independently of each other, where N is the total number of chains. With three chains, an attacker would need to control two of the three chains to pull off a 51% attack. For the proof-of-work algorithms, Anoncoin will initially be considering Scrypt (for merge mining with Litecoin and Dogcoin), and Bitcoin's SHA-256. Later, other proof of work algorithms might be considered, such as Monero's Cryptonight CPU based hashing algorithm, Feathercoin's NeoScrypt algorithm, Vertcoin's Lyra2 algorithm, and potentially proof-of-stake.

Where can I buy and trade ANC?

See this list of exchanges.

Where can I find a good ANC mining pool?

See the page Mining pools.