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Central Banking

To learn about how central banking came about, and why we need a different system, here are a couple of good places to start:

The Money Masters

A classic 3.5 hour video directed by Bill Still. Don't let the crappy production aesthetics fool you!

The Secret of Oz

This is Bill Still's update to The Money Masters. It is pretty much the same movie, but shorter, and with better (but still bad) production qualities.

Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve

Another Bill Still movie dedicated to the founding of the current central bank of the United States.

Web of Debt

A detailed book written by Ellen Hodgson Brown about fractional reserve banking and the history of central banking.


The Abscond bundle

The Abscond bundle is an easy to install software package with all you need to connect to I2P and let you use the most common features.

Install I2P from the command line

For those who prefer installing things by hand...

Tor vs. I2P: What's the difference?

Internet security and anonymity